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Inner Scream

Where did I go wrong? Will this taunts ever end? Will I ever gain my self respect back? Was I really wrong?

Those hurtful words.. those blames.. will I ever be able to stand up again? I fell I fell into the deepest pit..

Lost self respect.. Unworthy me… If you are a girl you will always be blamed..

I want to scream, scream my heart out.. I never meant what you think.. Searching everywhere I find nothing to hold..

Will I be able to stand up ever ? Dark clouds settled forever….


3 thoughts on “Inner Scream

  1. Indeed, there’s dawn after dusk !!
    Life wouldn’t be meaningful and beautiful if it was plain ! You will see victory, soon!❤️❤️ In Sha Allah!!❤️ Your Rabb is watching❤️💫

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