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Peace( In search of)

Peace; in the search of which I drove my life cart,

Travelling through the potholes my wheels were worn out.

I pulled it with my rope of hope.

But, they refused to move an inch.

“This is not our path”, they yelled.

But, this is the path most chose, I said.

I pulled them again with all my might

Thud! The wheels broke,

 I fell shattered and sore.

This was not my path of peace later I realised

And now, I chose to stand and shine

to reach my shore where peace I can befriend.

The path was difficult, alone I had to travel

Hope in my Lord was all I gathered.

There was my dream which was too far to reach

Patience and silence I chose when at peak.

Search for peace was my only goal

for which I’ll strive with my wounded soul.


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